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Frequently Asked Questions
Where do you meet?

We meet on the third floor at ReCoCo (Recovery College Collective) in the centre of Newcastle which is approximately an eight minute walk from both Manors and Monument Metro stations (please click the Contact tab above for full details).

We'd be happy to meet you outside on your first visit! 

When do you meet?

Weekly rehearsals take place every Thursday from 7.00pm and end around 9.00pm. 

What's the cost?

Members pay £4.00 each week which helps us run and fund the choir.


New members get their first rehearsal FREE!  If you decide to join the choir and become a regular member you can ether pay £4.00 per rehearsal or you can set up a lovely standing order for £15 a month and save a little.

We also offer reduced subscriptions for members who may be struggling to afford full subs. Members simply need to approach a member of the committee (confidentially) to discuss a reduced rate. All information will be confidential including the new sub rate which will be between £2.00 and £4.00 per rehearsal,


The agreed reduced rate will be reviewed after three months.

Do I need to come every week?

We would love it when members come to rehearsals every week, but we're realists and we know life sometimes gets in the way.


All we ask is that you come as often as you can. Of course in the run up to performances we need to make sure everyone is ready so if you're performing please make every effort to attend rehearsals so that you meet the required performance criteria (members can find further details within the Members Handbook).

Will I have to audition?

Auditions are only held on the weeks that Simon Cowell attends... Joking!

Northern Proud Voices are a non-audition choir and everyone is welcome to join and feel free audition us, all we ask is that you're ready to learn, meet the challenge but more importantly enjoy yourself.

Is it just about the singing?

Well we are a choir, so singing is a big part of it, however, Northern Proud Voices is much more.


We are a community of diverse, friendly, interesting people and we know you will make friends. As existing members will tell you down the pub after rehearsal while sipping a 'soft drink'!

Do we sing for two hours straight?

We're not sadists! In the middle of each rehearsal we have a break for a cuppa, biccie and a chat!

Please note: Refreshments are provided by the committee free of charge, but we ask that you to bring a reusable cup/mug.

What are we rehearsing for?

Northern Proud Voices are invited to a variety of performances throughout the year, ranging from carol singing to charity performances, pride events to weddings and we carefully consider every enquiry.

Can anyone perform?

The short simple answer is YES but the long complex answer is NO!


Naturally we want as many members as possible to have the opportunity and experience to perform throughout the year and we generally have two types of performances:


  • An open numbers performance (where any member can perform as long as they meet the minimum performance criteria)


  • A limited numbers performance (where performer numbers are limited by the organisers or size to the venue/stage.


Committee employ specific criteria to select who can perform on these occasions, full details maybe found within the Members Handbook.

How does the choir raise money?

Donations are greatly appreciated and everyone who does will receive a special place in our collective heart! If you would like to make a donation please email our treasurer via the Contact tab above.