Where do you meet?

We meet in Suite 4 at the Jurys Inn Hotel on Scotswood Road in Newcastle. a 4 minute walk from Central Station, opposite the Centre for Life. We'd be happy to meet you outside on your first visit!

When do you meet?

Our rehearsals take place from 7.00pm until 9.00pm on Thursday evenings. 

What's the cost?

Members pay £4.00 each week. This helps us run the choir. New members get their first rehearsal free though! (We're good to you, you know!) If you decide to join the choir become a regular member we would love it if you set up a lovely standing order for £15 a month. Anything for an easy life!

We offer reduced subscription for members who may be struggling to afford full subs. Any member is able to approach a committee member, confidentially, to discuss a reduced rate. All information shared will be confidential other than new sub rate, between £2.00 and £4.00, which will be shared with committee members only. The reduced rate will be reviewed after 3 months.

Do I need to come every week?

We would love it if members could come everyweek, but hey, we're realists...life sometimes gets in the way. All we ask is that you come as often as you can. Of course in the run up to performances we need to make sure everyone is ready so if you're performing please make every effort to attend rehearsals.

Will I have to audition?

Only on the weeks that Simon Cowell attends...only joking! We are a non audition choir. Everyone is welcome. If anything feel free to come along and audition us! All we ask is that you're ready to learn and challenge yourself.

Is it just about the singing?

Well we are a choir, so it's a big part of it! However Northern Proud Voices is about much more. We are a community of diverse, friendly, interesting people and we know you will make friends here. As anyone who has already joined knows, members often go to the pub after rehearsal for a catch up and a 'softdrink'!

Do we sing for 2 hours straight?

We're not sadists! In the middle of each rehearsal we have a break for a cuppa, biccie and a chat! We operate an 'honesty box' for drinks and snacks and all we ask for is a contribution of 50p. Where possible we bring our own mugs to save on washing up but don't worry if you forget!

What are we rehearsing for?

The choir has a variety of performances during the year ranging from carol singing to charity performances, launch parties to weddings. We consider any challenge and booking enquiries can be made via our website. Our calendar culminates in the summer with a pride season!

Can anyone perform?

Short answer yes, long answer no! We want as many members as possible to have the opportunity to perform. We have two types of performances - an open numbers performance - where any member can perform as long as they meet the minimum performance criteria, and a limited numbers performance - where performer numbers are limited by the organisers or size of the venue/stage. We have another set of criteria that is used to select who can perform on these occasions.

Criteria? Do I have to jump through hoops?

Only if you want to! The criteria have been devised to ensure two things. 1 - Members who perform have rehearsed enough to do so, and 2 - a fair chance for all to perform.

Our minimum criteria for All performances is:
- You have registered your interest in performing at rehearsal evenings.
- Minimum 12 week membership of NPV (This applies to returning members after an absence of 12 weeks too)
- A minimum attendance rate of 50% (of given attendance period before a performance).

-Attendance at 1 of the final 2 rehearsals before the performance.

The addition criteria applied to limited number performance is:
- 1. Attendance: members with highest attendance are allocated positions
-2. Performance history: remaining performer position are given to those who did not perform at the previous limited numbers performance in the first instance.
- 3. Random selection: final positions are drawn at random from the remaining qualifying members.

How does the choir raise money?

Donations are greatly appreciated and everyone who does will receive a special place in our collective heart! If you would like to make a donation please email our treasurer via our contact page.